Spring Tango in Martinborough

9-11 October  2020

Spring Tango in Martinborough

13 - 15 Oct  2023

Welcome to the 6th Spring Tango Festival 

Bringing together dancers to the beautiful wine district of Wellington. 

3 days, 4 milongas, including a breakfast milonga (with breakfast provided!) 

and 4 great DJs await you.

"no teaching, no performances …. just joyful dancing in celebration of the milonga"


8 Texas Street, Martinborough Town Centre.

Formally the Martinborough Town Hall

WELCOME MILONGA                                                                                           DJ BRENDON (Nelson)

Friday 13 October, 8pm - midnight , $40                                     

Let’s Go Disco theme!  Dress up and look fabulous as we start the weekend off with a fun milonga welcoming everyone to Martinborough.

Refreshments will be served through the evening, bring your most relaxed and happy selves and get ready to party!

FLORAL AFTERNOON TEA MILONGA                                                        DJ  MAIDA (Auckland)

Saturday 14 October, 1pm - 4pm, $35

Allowing you plenty of time to rent a bike and have a delicious brunch at a vineyard or to drive to Greytown for a spot of shopping in the morning-  then come and have cups of tea and cake and tango the afternoon way. Wear something flowery for a Spring Day, that includes the gentlemen too!!

ELEGANT MILONGA                                                                                               DJ  LUIS (Argentina)

Saturday 14 October, 8pm - midnight , $55    

Tonight is the Glitz and Glamour event of the weekend -shine  like a diamond and arrive fully decked out in your finest gear as a great night of dancing awaits you. 

Yummy treats await!

BREAKFAST MILONGA                                                                                        DJ  CRAIG (Wellington)

Sunday 15 October, 10am -1pm, $40

Yes, you read it right - we are having a Breakfast Milonga!  Doors will open at 10am for a tasty breakfast of croissants, fruit, meat and cheese, plunger coffee and tea.   If fancy coffee is what you need to get you going, pick one up at a local cafe and join us for brekkie in between tandas. The Denim and Diamonds theme is a little bit of comfort and a little bit of glamour to finish off with.



$150 for the whole weekend

Bank Account:


A Therkleson

38 9014 0059952 01

Please do not forget to type your last name and STiM




1st preference given to those registering for the whole weekend and as a lead/follow couple.   All others put on a wait list until partnered up. This happens fairly quickly!

Role balancing will be seriously attempted so please invite your favourite dance partner!



Please register then pay in cash when you arrive to avoid pesky bank fees and non-arrival of funds.



Martinborough is easily accessible by road, rail and bus.

Click here to read about transport options

Driving times are roughly:

1 hour and 15 minutes from Wellington

20 minutes from Greytown

1 hour and 50 minutes from Palmerston North

3 hours and 30 minutes from Napier and Hawkes Bay.

Here's the facebook page in case you want to hook up with a Wellington local for a lift!



There are many options for accommodation in the South Wairarapa Region.

The Wairarapa website has lots of ideas: click here to navigate your way through the region.  But remember all the events are in Martinborough so make sure you can get from your accommodation to the hall …. or hire a bike for the weekend! It is very flat around here :-)

gotomartinborough.co.nz and airbnb.co.nz and bookabach.co.nz

have some ideas about accommodation if you can find some people you want to share with - Renting a house for the weekend is probably the most cost effective way to stay.

If you're travelling alone try the local motels:

just google martinborough motels new zealand and you'll come up with some nice looking motels

Martinborough Top 10 have a camping site that has many cabins of different configurations as well 

Another option is to stay in GREYTOWN just 15-20 mins drive away, a beautiful little town, with loads of accommodation options and shops!

Click here for Greytown accommodation

You'll find something to suit your budget and needs!



Classic New Zealand Wine Trail

Shopping in Greytown

Cycling the Vines

Art, food and adventure also await

Click here for all the things to do in the Wairarapa



If participants cancel after paying I will refund the full amount less $10 handling fee.

If I cancel due to Covid-19 you will receive a full refund of the registration fee.



Come and have a few wines, hire a bike and ride out to vineyards, cosy up in the cute town that is Martinborough, go for walks, socialise, eat at wonderful restaurants and rest as much or as little as you like.
Most importantly come and dance with us!


YOUR 2023 DJS are

Brendon Varcoe - Nelson

“Tango and the country of Argentina hold a special place in my heart. I am excited to be able to share my love and passion for tango through my DJ’ing. Music is such a big part of my life. As well as playing and studying bandoneon in Buenos Aires, currently, I am also studying a Masters degree in Orchestration so my love of the orchestra has given me a deep appreciation for both traditional tango orchestras as well as the many incredible modern tango orchestras. I have tremendous respect for the musicians of today who continue the tradition of playing live in the milonga as well as those who have gone before.  All music evokes emotion and tango music especially, from the dramatic to the playful, the romantic to the melancholic, the best music brings out the emotion in the dance and always when I prepare a playlist I am thinking with this in the forefront of my mind. So expect a playlist full of life, emotion, a little drama and hopefully some fun, because at the end of the day we all come together in this great dance to enjoy ourselves and the people around us."

Maida Zanaboni - Auckland 

Maida arrived in NZ , from New York City, in December 2001 with her music collection. Listening to and collecting music is her bliss. The dancers joy, when they are dancing to a track that they connect to is her joy. As a dancer herself, her personal taste goes into her choice of music. In all her travels, she always makes it a point to return here with new and interesting tracks that she’s heard from other DJ's  around the world. “My aim is to keep the energy high and leaving the dancers wanting more."

Luis Tabera - Buenos Aires

“I grew up in the city of La Plata, very close to Buenos Aires. I started dancing and listening to tango music when I was 18 years old, and since then I have been very passionate about it. I am learning more and more every day. I took part in many festivals as a dancer, organiser and DJ. I learned from the old milongueros the art of listening and I am passionate about old and classic tango without excluding modern and new tango music. Every milonga has something special like every dance partner. Playing music creates such a great emotion in me that I want to do my best in every event I am invited to. I like to observe the dancers and try to interpret the energy that is generated on the dance floor, by merging the orchestras in a harmonious way without losing the continuity. 

I've been in New Zealand since March 2020 and it will be an immense pleasure to play music at this beautiful and long-awaited Spring Tango Festival, for all those who want to dance, embrace, feel, laugh, enjoy and share this beautiful dance called TANGO.”

Craig Barkworth - Wellington 

Craig is based in Wellington and had been teaching classes of tango for 10 years, within the school Tango Del Alma with his wife Regine, until retiring from class teaching a year ago.

Craig and Regine have organised and run The Free Fringe Milonga for the past 10 years where Craig’s skills as music provider have been honed.

His tastes in tango music are based mainly in the ‘golden age’, with some tandas easing into the 50’s with some very popular, danceable tunes.

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