tango libre

tango libre

Summer Tango in Nelson

1-3 March 2024

Welcome to the 12th Summer Tango in Nelson

your chance to dance all weekend in the warmth of a Nelson Summer!  

5 milongas,  5 great DJs and a whole heap of dancing.

"no teaching, no performances …. joyful dancing in celebration of the milonga"

WELCOME MILONGA                                                                                                     DJ TBA

Friday 1 March 8pm-11pm

Nelson Boys College, 67 Waimea Road, Nelson

Grab a bite to eat in town and then head to the milonga. We will be dancing in the magnificent Nelson Boys College Assembly Hall on Friday and Saturday nights and on Sunday afternoon.  There is a  spacious dance floor and heaps of parking on site.

Substantial snacks will be provided throughout the evening incase you don’t have a chance to eat when you get off your flight!

AFTER PARTY/WIND DOWN                                                                                   DJ TBA

5.30 until the DJ gets tired or we get kicked out!

THE FREEHOUSE, 95 Collingwood St (opposite the Indian Cafe)

If you have time before your flights ... come and have a very relaxed beer and a dance outside or inside depending on the weather. Practice shoes advised. 

Off-site takeaways are allowed and there is also a food cart on site.  The very last milonga for those who have the tango stamina! It’s super relaxed and lots of fun!

HASTA LUEGO MILONGA                                                                                                DJ TBA

Sunday 3  March  1pm-5pm                                                      

Nelson Boys College, 67 Waimea Road, Nelson

This is the final formal milonga - a chance to formally say thank you for a wonderful weekend of dancing! Snacks , soft drinks and water provided.  Throw on a floral outfit (Men included)  for a bit of extra fun  🌺

MILONGA BY THE MAI TAI                                                                                         DJ TBA

Saturday 2 March Midday - 4pm 

Trafalgar St Hall, Trafalgar St opposite Trailways

Put on some Spots and Stripes and come dance in an intimate hall  right by the river.  Come and join us after you have checked out the markets, visited the Suter Art Gallery, walked up the Centre of NZ or strolled along the beautiful Maitai river.  So many things to keep you occupied in town.   Grab lunch at Riverside Cafe and head to the hall for a fun afternoon of dancing.

BLACK & WHITE  MILONGA                                                                                       DJ TBA

Saturday 3  March 8pm - midnight

Nelson Boys College, 67 Waimea Road, Nelson

Head out to dinner first at one of our great restaurants and then come to the milonga for a glitzy night of dancing.  Dig deep into your wardrobe and dress up in your finest threads  - nothing is too glamorous or too fabulous!

Nibbles, sweet treats and soft drinks will be available through the evening.



$150 for the whole weekend.  

Bank Account:


A Therkleson

11 5250 0186162-55

Please do not forget to type your last name and STiN



1st preference given to those registering for the whole weekend and as a lead/follow couple.  All others put on a waitlist until partnered up.  (which happens pretty quickly)

Role balancing will be seriously attempted so please invite your favourite dance partner!


Please register, then pay in cash when you arrive to avoid pesky bank fees and non-arrival of funds.


For those of you coming from out of town,  I recommend staying till the Monday or Tuesday so you can come and party with us at the Freehouse afterward and enjoy the wind-down.





Ferry from Wellington to Picton then bus or hire a car for 2 hour's drive to Nelson


5 hours from Christchurch

5 hours from Wellington (Including Ferry time)

Here’s the facebook link to keep abreast of news



26 Waimea Road

 is very close to the venue and has good reviews from dancers


Contact stay@admiralsmotorinn.co.nz

or 03 5483059




Many travellers who come in groups book a bach for the weekend!  Here are some great websites to help you find the perfect house in our little city.




For more information on accommodation in the region, the Nelson NZ website is a great place to start looking. 




Tahunanui Beach for swimming and walking


google Nelson Vineyard Maps


No fleas in this market


WOW - The World of Wearable Art and Classic Cars Museum

SUTER ART GALLERY  - Queens Gardens

The 3rd oldest Art Museum in NZ  



These are all only a fabulous day trip away. Check out the Nelson Tourism site for more info on the delights which await you.


Visit some local wood working, ceramic and French inspired  galleries in the Fishing Village of Mapua, great cafes too for brekkie!


Lord of the Rings jeweller



If participants cancel after paying I will refund the full amount less $20 handling fee 

If I cancel you will receive a full refund of the registration fee.


I am looking forward to warmly welcoming you to the very friendly and fun Summer Tango in Nelson festival.  Feel free to ask any questions - I am just an email away.

Yours always in Tango


+64 (0) 27 238 0568



Frieda Kolya - Sydney 

In 1999, after years of Ballroom and Latin Dance, Frieda  discovered Argentine Tango. She found tango music to be very different and became very curious about it. The richness of tango music, the different eras, the diversity of tango orchestras was intoxicating and beckoning. Tango found her, so to speak, and she wanted to run into its arms, to embrace it. 

She believed the dance developed through the music so she began to study its elusive history. She studied the history of the different Argentine tango eras. It was an amazing experience for her! She wanted to know more and more, she listened to the music and fell in love with it.

“I take into consideration the most suitable music to play for the dancers on that specific night. I try to select the most danceable and appropriate tandas for that evening. I also choose my cortinas to create an atmosphere of excitement and follow the theme for the night usually present at international Tango festivals.  She has DJed, in Singapore, Bali and Manila and has been invited back over the years (2018, 2019, 2020) and NZ at Summer Tango in Nelson.

Frieda has been the coordinator of Tango Synergy in Sydney  since 2009 and is now the President of the organisation.

Deb Waltenberg - Christchurch 

Deb became a DJ from her love of tango music and dance. She is a resident DJ at Sunday tango in Christchurch  as well as guest DJ at local and national events.

Deb's passion for tango music grew from her many trips to Buenos Aires, dancing and listening to the beauty of tango in the traditional milongas. Over the years she has built an extensive collection of tango music and although her preference is for the Golden Age music, there are some other very special pieces that she shares from time to time.

Deb likes to see the tango music work its magic on the dancers and is always mindful that a DJ has to watch the energy of the dancers and adapt the playlist.

She likes to take the dancers on a musical journey and looks forward to seeing you on the floor at Summer Tango in Nelson!


Brendon Varcoe - Nelson

"Tango and the country of Argentina holds a special place in my heart. I am excited to be able to share my love and passion for tango through my dj'ing. Music is such a big part of my life. As well as playing and studying bandoneon in Buenos Aires, currently I am also studying a Masters degree in Orchestration so my love of the orchestra has given me a deep appreciation for both traditional tango orchestras as well as the many incredible modern tango orchestras. I have tremendous respect for the musicians of today who continue on the tradition of playing live in the milonga as well as those who have gone before. All music evokes emotion and tango music especially, from the dramatic to the playful, the romantic to the melancholic, the best music brings out the emotion in the dance and always when I prepare a playlist I am thinking with this in the forefront of my mind. So expect a playlist full of life, emotion, a little drama and hopefully some fun, because at the end of the day we all come together in this great dance to enjoy ourselves and the people around us."

Maida Zanaboni - Auckland

I arrived in NZ , from New York City, in December 2001 with my music collection. That was the beginning of my DJ journey here. Listening to and collecting music is my bliss.  As a dancer myself, my personal taste goes into my choice of music. In all our travels, I always make it a point to return here with new and interesting tracks that I've heard from other DJ's, around the world. My aim is to keep the energy high and leave the dancers wanting more.

David Bagshaw - Nelson

David has lived and studied in Buenos Aires for extended periods since 2001. He attended many milongas in BA and studied the styles of both old and new orchestras, absorbing the very essence of tango and its music. As a DJ, his passion for tango music shows in his carefully crafted milonga playlists.

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